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Until the end of May, We're having a build tournament! Everyone can participate, and there will be prizes! Only new builds, nothing can be entered that was made before today. This will be judged by our builders. Winners will be featured on here. If we decide its good enough, we might incorporate it into the map! Also, if you want builder, this is a GREAT way to prove yourself. This time, we're adding some themes! We encourage any build to be based on these things. If you do have a good idea that does not involve these themes, do it! Also, builders CAN participate but of course no use of worldedit or creative.

May Themes:
Cinco de mayo
veterans day

Prizes are TBD, but will be very much worth your time..

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Launch of PokeHub Islands

The launch of PokeHub Islands is coming! The server will recieve updates in the coming days, and might see some downtime as we bring in bungee. Get ready, as we will open a preview version of it to test and make sure everything works.

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